People from all walks of life are improving their health and self-esteem through My Free Smile events. Here are a few examples of those who have received a new smile, a new attitude and a new sense of confidence.

“Growing up, I always avoided smiling because I was self-conscious about my teeth. It held me back from being the person I want to be. Now with my new smile, all of that seems like a whole other life. I feel so much more outgoing and positive now that I’m not uncomfortable with my smile. This experience has definitely changed my life for the better.”

“In my customer service job, a bright smile is almost a necessity. However for quite a while, my smile was less than perfect. My teeth were both discolored and crooked, and often painful. I wouldn’t smile or stand close enough to people where my teeth were easily noticeable, and when I did speak with others, the first thing they often noticed was my mouth. I had little money for dental work and my insurance didn’t cover orthodontics, so I really had no options. Then I came across a My Free Smile contest at a local dental office, and it changed everything. I was chosen as their winner, and received the smile of my dreams. I’m now healthier, pain-free and eager to show off my teeth.”

“The best part of the makeover is definitely waking up and seeing my smile in the mirror day after day. I never thought I would have a smile that I would actually want people to see, but thanks to My Free Smile, I now do.”

“Because I was always self conscious about my smile, it was the first thing I would notice on everyone else. I used to get very uncomfortable thinking that my smile was the first thing others would see on me. After My Free Smile, I hope it is!”

“Amazing experience!! The doctors were incredible and not only did I get a beautiful new smile, but a complete makeover! I have never felt better!”

“It is amazing how much feeling confident in my smile has changed my perspective on everything. I walk a little taller and I’ve realized how many things in my life are truly reasons to smile.”